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December 2019
Thu5-Seaside Xmas Wreaths19:0022:00Coffee Cake Create
Thu5-Chrstmas Quiz20:3022:00The Ship Inn
Fri6-Xmas pamper evening17:3022:30Coffee Cake Create
Fri6-Ross Kelly 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat7-Hand print baubles11:0015:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat7-Christmas Lights On14:0019:00Big Green
Sat7-The Stowes 21:0023:00The Ship Inn
Sat7-Rich James 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat7-Beetle Juice 21:0023:00British Legion
Sun8-Children's Xmas Crafts10:0012:30Coffee Cake Create
Sun8-Luke Deakin 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Sun8-Open mike night20:0023:00British Legion
Tue10-Stuffed Ginger Bread Men19:0021:00Coffee Cake Create
Wed11-Collage or print Xmas card10:3012:30Coffee Cake Create
Sun15-Open mike night20:0023:00British Legion
Sun15-They're There 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Fri20-Georgie Dulcie19:0021:00Coffee Cake Create
Sat21-3's Company 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun22-Ross Kelly 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Sun22-Dark Station 19:3021:30British Legion
Mon23-Polperro Fishermen's Choir 19:3021:00Chapel
Wed25-Shades of Grey 19:0021:00The Noughts and Crosses
Thu26-Rich James 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Fri27-Lochnesse 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sat28-Me and The Devil 21:0023:00The Ship Inn
Sat28-Dew Barf 21:0023:00Blue Peter
Sun29-Black Friday 15:0017:00Blue Peter
Sun29-Karl Jarvis & Space Cowboys 21:0023:00British Legion
Tue31-Polperro's Fancy Dress Party18:0023:55Whole Village
Tue31-NYE Disco party 20:0023:55British Legion
January 2020
Wed1-Rich James 15:0017:00Blue Peter