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Video Library - Introduction


What is Peak Oil?

Taken from the movie 'In Transition' here's a brief explanation of what peak oil is and why it's one of the most important issues of our time.

What is Climate Change?

Taken from the movie 'In Transition' this clip stars Samadi van Koten who tells us what climate change is in a language a child can understand. Also starring Sir John Houghton.

Financial Collapse or Prosperity without Growth?

An unparalleled opportunity to come to grips with what the current financial crisis means for you.

What is Resilience?

Rob Hopkins talks to North Norfolk County Council about Transition and why it's important at the local government level.

Regions for Sustainable Change project

Regions for Sustainable Change (RSC) is a partnership of 12 organisations from eight EU member states. Cornwall Council is a partner.

If You Don't Understand Peak Oil Or Think It Is Not For Real

An introduction to Peak Oil and the massive impact it will soon have on how we all live and work.

TRANSITION TOWNS: An Interview with Rob Hopkins

The founder of a growing movement shows us around 'Transition Town Totnes' in Devon and talks about peak oil and the Transition concept.

The End of growth - Richard Heinberg

Richard Heinberg, author of "The Party's Over" and leading peak oil educator, talk about the future of our 'growth' society.

Solar power: an introduction

This introduction to solar energy explains how it can be used to heat water (solar thermal) or generate electricity (solar PV).

Biomass: an introduction

This introduction to biomass explains how it can be used to heat homes and generate energy, and tells you which biomass systems are suitable for smaller-scale community projects

Wind: an introduction

This introduction to wind energy explains how the different types of wind turbine convert the energy in the wind to electricity.

Hydro power: an introduction

This introduction to hydro power explains how hydro-electric systems transfer the energy of moving water into electricity.

Heat pumps: an introduction

This introduction to heat pumps explains how the three types of heat pumps (ground-source, air-source and water-source) work.

Energy from waste: an introduction

This introduction explains how renewable energy can be generated from the contents of our wheelie bins, farmyard slurry or from sewage waste.