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About PURE

Each year, we in Polperro spend about £3 million on energy in our homes and businesses which averages £1,500 for every adult and child in our parish. Each year this increases well ahead of inflation, so every year a greater proportion of our income goes to the big energy companies.

A 2012 survey showed that whilst income had increased by 20% in the previous 8 years, energy costs had increased by 140%. The need for energy isn't proportional to household income; therefore those on lower incomes are spending increasingly greater proportions of their finances on cooking and keeping warm.

PURE aims to reduce this outflow of money from the parish, keeping it in our household budgets and using it for community projects by:

  • Reducing the amount of energy we waste

  • Using renewable energy technologies in our homes and businesses

  • Buying energy at discounted rates

  • Seeking funding that reduces energy inequality

  • Encouraging local tradesmen to add renewable energy skills to their businesses

  • Developing community energy projects that can generate profits for spending in the community

PURE believes that we should follow the Energy Hierarchy when pursueing our aims, however government grants and funding has its own timetable which we need to follow if we want to take advantage of such incentives and in these situations pragmatism rules even if it appears inconsistent with the hierarchy.

PURE activities to date that have been in support of these aims are:
  • LEAF project grant to establish baseline data relating to our housing stock and some renewable energy potential.

  • Community events to widen the understanding of the Energy Hierarchy and renewable technologies.

  • Encouragement and support of households installing renewable technologies following the community events.

  • Negotiating with Cornwall Council to install solar panels on the school roof, as a community project.

  • Promotion of the CERT funded free insulation installations.

  • Promotion of cooperative energy buying schemes.

  • Pursuing the RHPP2 grant funding of domestic renewable heating installations.

It is PURE's intention to act as a focus and a catalyst for action by the community to achieve these aims at a household level and in community wide projects.

PURE is incorporated as an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) and is currently run by a small group of volunteers. From this base we hope to expand the depth and breadth of the team to enable a consistent, planned and community-led approach to achieving our aims. We want to stop £1 million from leaking out of Polperro each and every year.